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Turn 14 Distribution views the Dealer-Distributor relationship as a long-term partnership; because of this, the company is highly selective when choosing new Dealers. Provided that a Dealer fits the requirements, they are introduced to Turn 14 Distribution’s proprietary solutions by a New Accounts Sales Representative. Upon successful completion of the New Accounts period, Dealers are assigned to a Market Specialist whose knowledge and expertise aligns with their business objectives.

All new Dealers are required to place an opening order at a specified size—typically called a buy-in—to open an account with Turn 14 Distribution. Turn 14 Distribution’s buy-in policy and Dealer requirements create a sufficient barrier to entry into the automotive aftermarket to prevent sellers who are not invested in the future of the industry from gaining access. This in turn helps to protect Turn 14 Distribution’s current partners. While the process to become one of the company’s Dealers is stringent, it is because Turn 14 Distribution is focused on building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

Turn 14 Distribution supports ethical business practices as a guiding principle and does not believe that the owner of a dominant marketplace should participate as a seller in that marketplace. Marketplace participant and owner situations inherently lead to unethical abuse of power as dominant marketplace owners have the exclusive ability to manipulate their marketplaces in order to gain advantages. Turn 14 Distribution will not do business with any dominant marketplace owners who participate in owned marketplaces.

Dealer Requirements


A professional retail storefront, shop facility, or proprietary website


Licensed to do business with a state sales tax license and federal tax ID


In-depth understanding of vehicles in target markets


Clear ability to add value via installation, dyno tuning, suspension calibration, marketing, photography, content creation, etc.


The business concentrates its efforts on the specific industry for which access is requested, either Automotive or Powersports.

Our Benefits

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    One or Two-Day Delivery

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    Unparalleled Service

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    Massive Inventory

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    7 pm ET Order Cutoff

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    $12.99 Flat Rate Shipping

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    Advanced Logistics

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    7 Day a Week Operation

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    Hassle-Free Returns

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    Online Ordering

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    Real-Time Inventory

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    100% Wholesale

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    Worldwide Distribution


Great company to deal with. Great product knowledge, and above all great customer service. Makes operating a performance parts shop a real pleasure."

Netnerb Rebib

I've dealt with a lot of distributors and manufacturers in my time. Turn 14 Distribution is hands down one of the best. Fast-shipping, excellent service, and the products people want, on the shelf. Keep up the good work…"

Kyle Prouty

Can't say enough good about the customer service I get from Turn 14 Distribution. All the advantages of a large WD with great customer service to go with it."

Ryan Acker

The best in the industry. Very knowledgeable sales staff, excellent inventory, and great customer service."

James Coyne

Top notch customer service, an incredibly user-friendly website, and plenty of name brands to choose from with a wide array of parts. Absolutely killin’ it guys, keep it up!"

Brian Matos

Excellent product selection, even better customer support. Turn 14 Distribution rocks!!"

Nick Scully

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